David Coverdale Plastic Surgery Before and After

David Coverdale Plastic Surgery Before and After

David Coverdale is a rocker star who is now looking different from the past and the reason behind is plastic surgery. He is a man who wants to maintain her youthful look. Many people think that plastic surgery is only for females, however this is not so. It is now a thing for both sexes, […]

Paul McCartney Plastic Surgery Before and After

Paul McCartney Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is not only something women take advantage of, especially in Hollywood. Men also want to appear rejuvenated for their own reasons. Just like women celebrities they go under the knife to change and improve their looks. A good example is Paul McCartney who is a musician from the U.K. The singer is 71 […]

Kenny Rogers Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kenny Rogers Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kenny Rogers is one of the popular American singer and song writer.  Early on in his career, Kenneth Rogers was encouraged by television discussion show and host Larry Kane that he should move onward “Kenny”. “Through the Years,” “You Decorated My Life,” “All My Life,” and so on. Almost all the people from 70’s up […]

Pete Burns Plastic Surgery Before and After

Pete Burns Plastic Surgery

Celebrities undergo plastic surgeries every now and then. Unfortunately not all of them go well to bring the desired results. Some even turn into a horror as they disfigure one completely. Pete Burns may have got things burning for him since his surgery did not go well. He has actually done many of them and […]

Paul Stanley and His Addictions To Plastic Surgery

Paul Stanley Plastic Surgery

In his early life Paul Stanley was an unlikely candidate to become a rock star. He was born with a problem, which prevented his right ear from forming properly and left him deaf on the right side. He is mentally ill with the bullying friends at school and sometimes violence from his older sister. His […]

Ashton Kutcher Plastic Surgery Before and After

Ashton Kutcher Plastic Surgery

Most people realize that Christopher Ashton Kutcher is really a successful United States former design, producer, and actor. Many folks may not really know he has been rumored to have some functions done to maintain his youthful look. The well-known star which was born upon 1979 is obviously handsome to ensure that most women adore […]

David Cassidy Plastic Surgery Before and After

David Cassidy Plastic Surgery Before and After

David Cassidy is American guitar player, songwriter, vocalist, and actor has been rumored getting plastic surgery. The guy who is famous widely simply because of his role because Keith Ruffed grouse in Ruffed grouse Family situation comedy has a various look particularly on his face region. Some individuals predict he has applied botox treatment on […]

Axl Rose Plastic Surgery is Huge Wrong and Wired

Axl Rose Plastic Surgery

Are you a rocker? Of course, you will love that music and know everything about rock genre. You also will know one of well-known vocalist of rock band that entitles “Gun N’ Roses”. Yes, his mane is William Bruce Rose and his nickname is Axl Rose. He was born in Lafayette, Indiana, American on February […]

Joel Mchale Plastic Surgery Hair Transplant, Facelift and Bald

Joel Mchale Plastic Surgery

The recent news describes that McHale has got the hair implant to improve his image. The American producer, author, actor and comedian have a various appearance day by day particularly on his hair. Numerous of them observe that he had been growing much more baldness about the front of his hairline particularly on the actual […]

Facts About Asian Celebrity Plastic Surgery Before and After

Asian Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is usually performed to enhance appearance as well as boost self-esteem. Plastic surgery is not the same task as rebuilding surgery that focuses on fixing or changing body locations that have been changed due to injuries, disease or any other surgical procedures. Plastic surgery offers a web host of emotional and physical benefits, […]