Kim Kardashian Before And After Plastic Surgery

Kim Kardashian Face Before and After Plastic Surgery

Kim Kardashian Before Plastic Surgery

Kim Kardashian is an American model and actor who is famous for her reality shows. She garnered attention for the first time for her friendship with Paris Hilton and later received wider recognition when her sex tape with then boyfriend Ray Jwas leaked in media. After sometime, she started appearing in reality series, thus making a name for herself. Her popularity has never been in question although gossips of Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery Atlanta have surfaced at regular intervals.

Kim Kardashian has always been under limelight and to retain media focus she has gone under the knife a few times. Although not yet acknowledged on her part but pictures of Kim Kardashian Before and After Plastic Surgery do reveal the truth that she has taken the help of plastic surgery at various intervals to maintain her fame.

Kim Kardashian After Plastic Surgery

Kim has admitted feeling insecure about her body. Her self-doubts arise from the fact that she is a celebrity and her face and figure are her plus points. She has always been conscious of her body which is a bit fuller compared to other skinny models. At several critical points in her career, Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery news has surfaced and her photographs have shown some noticeable changes that remain unexplained.

Kim Kardashian Face Before and After Plastic Surgery

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Before and after photographs of Kim show a dramatic difference in her looks but still are not conclusive in proving whether she has taken help of plastic surgery or any injections or not. Following are some dramatic changes that are hard to ignore:-

  • Although Kim is a beautiful woman with a blend of Scottish and Armenian heritage, but still she is not satisfied with her looks fully. In a rare and once time acknowledgement, she has confirmed taking Botox injections and fillers once for areas around cheekbones and lips.
  • According to rumours, Kim Kardashian plastic surgeon provides her with fillers and Botox at every three-month intervals to preserve her signature looks of higher cheekbones and full lips.
  • In order to maintain her appearance she has gone for a nose job that is easy to prove through various photographs
  • Kim’s breasts appear to be much fuller and rounder than it normally does and this is not possible through any natural means. Either Kim Kardashian boob job is completed under a knife or she has taken Botox injections for enhancement
  • It is not sure, whether she has gone for a butt modification or not because Kim Kardashian before Plastic Surgery butts always had a fuller look about them. She claims to have natural curves and fab butt making it look bootylicious
  • If one looks at Kim’s belly it looks unnaturally flat as if someone has taken a knife and nipped it a little here and a little there.

Although Kim has dismissed rumours of surgery but doctors have categorically emphasized on her having surgeries after seeing Kim Kardashian pre plastic Surgery photos and comparing them to after ones. Likewise, she has gone for various changes to maintain her image in media so that it remains bankable.