Arianny Celeste Boob Job Before and After Surgery

Maybe I should start by giving you Arianny’s full but weird and long name. Well, she is Arianny Celeste-Penelope Lopez Marquez; A model and a ring girl for the famous UFC. Personally, I consider her one of the most beautiful women in the universe, especially with her gorgeous Hazel eyes. Her breasts are big and anyone can think that they are natural. However, there are rumors saying that she has no real boobs. Are these rumors true?

Arianny Celeste Boob Job

Well, let’s compare her previous and current photos to find out. Her previous photos show a smaller bust with extremely small boobs. Her recent photos however show a significant change on her boob size. Her breasts seem to have increased to a double size and they have a wonderful round shape. She had the best breast augmentation I have never seen on any woman.

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Arianny has never confirmed these rumors to be true. Her past photos however cannot lie unless it is a different person. It can be true or false rumor but the 27-year-old model really got a good bust. I know many of her fans out there feel the same. What about you? Do you think Arianny Celeste had a boob job?