Andrea Mitchell Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

As she appeared in TV daily, the public is quite acquainted with their most wanted news anchor, Andrea Mitchell. They were so keen in watching in listening to her journalistic news report that they haven’t notice how she age and change in the past years. They just knew her voice and talent in public speaking, what they don’t know is that Andrea Mitchell is already 66 years in age, almost 46 of which are spent in public service of news anchoring.

Andrea Mitchell Plastic Surgery

Up to date, people are no longer interested with Andrea Mitchell’s news alone but also with how she manage to look fabulous and young in her prime years.

There are several speculations associated with this issue, one of which is the knife job on her.

Andrea Mitchell is not open about discussing her current beauty enhancement procedure in the public. On that account, tales of facelift, Botox, eye lift and dermal fillers arise instantly.

Meanwhile, through examining her past and recent photos, it appears that all the speculations are evident in her. From her mouth, she could deny all the allegations. But her photos, although without a mouth in nature, speaks for the truth.